Michael Jackson Vacations With Brett Ratner In Today’s Daily TwitPic


It’s been months now since the untimely passing of Michael Jackson. Yet somehow, he remains very much a part of the public consciousness. Part of that is the documentary, “Michael Jackson’s This Is It,” which collects the pop legend’s final rehearsal footage. Not only did the release trigger the flood of Jackson memorializing anew, the doc itself notably doesn’t ever explicitly say that he’s left us. What’s interesting about all of the personal remembrances to have surface is the picture that they paint. Jackson was famously reclusive in his later years, trailed by controversy and somehow standing apart from the cult of celebrity, even as he sat at its pinnacle. Only through the recent doc and the memories of his family and friends are we now getting a picture of the man behind all of that mystery. Brett Ratner is one of those people Jackson was close with, and he’s been sharing generously on Twitter for some time. The latest, today’s Daily TwitPic shows us the “Rush Hour” director with Michael, Chris Tucker and Jackson friend Al Malnik in Acapulco for Ratner’s birthday.

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