Make-A-Wish 2010 Garden Party at the Malnik’s Home


More than 200 guests braved the rains Sunday to attend The InterContinental Miami Make-A-Wish Garden Party, hosted by Al and Nancy Malnik at their oceanfront estate in Ocean Ridge, near West Palm Beach.

The winds and scattered showers drove the soggy heeled under a tent, where they sidestepped puddles and gulped down the ironically named Rising Suns, lychee- and grapefruit-infused cocktails designed by the newly reopened Forge’s mixologist; and enjoyed beats by DJ Joe Dert and a performance by Japanese Taiko drummers Fushu Daiko.


Among the guests — boxing promoter Don King — and Burn Notice star Gabrielle Anwar, who appears to be Shareef Malnik’s new girlfriend. Anwar, in a green, flowery dress, was in a great mood. And why not? The Forge’s owner was showering the 40-year-old British mother of three with attention and her USA show just got picked up for two more seasons.



He may not be a big-time promoter anymore, but that doesn’t mean local philanthropist Michael Capponi doesn’t know how to throw a party.

This year, for his birthday, the 38-year-old chose a fun and eclectic theme: Alice in Wonderland. On Friday at the lavish Star Island home of developer Thomas Kramer, Capponi’s closest VIP friends donned costumes similar to what you would see in the Disney flick: Alices, Queens of Hearts, Mad Hatters, Tweedledees, Tweedledums and white rabbits.

Kramer — the king of the castle (with a crown on his head and a long velvet coat) — helped the birthday boy (dressed as the Mad Hatter) blow out the candles.

While most guests arrived on wheels, a few lucky ones pulled up their yachts to the soiree. Inside, guests who hadn’t been to Kramer’s mansion before, snuck a peek at his grandiose art collection and decorated outside pool area.

Spotted: Transformers director Michael Bay, boxer Andre Berto and Project Runway runner-up Uli Herzner.

The party (at which guests shelled out $50 to get past the velvet ropes), raised $30,000 for the United Way of Miami-Dade County. Those who didn’t want the night to end early partied across town at SET, where clubgoers were welcomed to Wonderland in style.

The club, decked out with four-foot-tall playing cards hanging from the ceiling, had a huge clock made for the occasion, and Tweedledee spun a mix of hip-hop and pop from the DJ booth.


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