BEST POWER FAMILY – The Malniks – Alvin & Shareef – The Forge Top Restaurant Miami Beach


Shareef and Father Alvin Malnik

Alvin Malnik and son Shareef haven’t been the subjects of a Hollywood film or tell-all book. But they should be. Al, an attorney, garnered notoriety for his long association with colorful characters. In some circles, that sort of publicity would be a career-killer, but it only served to make Al’s the Forge restaurant (which he purchased in 1968 and lavishly refurbished) a wickedly seductive destination for generations of celebrities — from Frank Sinatra to Michael Jackson. (Michael Jackson and 70-year-old Al were very close friends.) His wealth wasn’t solely the result of the Forge’s success. Al has also reaped riches as a successful real estate investor and international business man. In 1991 Alvin Malnik sold the Forge operations to son Shareef who satisfied his wild-side urge to race off-shore power boats and Le Mans Series Porches. The younger Malnik profitably reinvented the restaurant as a hip destination for the jet set who, in the early Nineties, began favoring Miami Beach as an international playground. In the process, though, he managed to maintain the Forge’s decadent and vaguely illicit ambiance. Shareef is in the process of remodeling Miami’s famous restaurant, The Forge and plans to reopen early December of 2009. His good looks and trademark Lothario mustache have made him one of the most recognizable faces on South Beach, and have landed him a few acting roles as well (Just Cause, The Blackout, Coffee and Tobacco). Shareef, once married to Saudi princess Sheika Hoda Al-Fassi, recently split from wife number four. How’s that for a father-son team? Only in Miami.

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