The 60′s Was A Pompous Era In Miami Beach Alvin Malnik

“The 1960′s was a very pompous era in Miami Beach. The hippie movement was beginning to happen, and the older people on the Beach – the ones drinking liquor and acting like it was never going to end – kept holding onto that era.

The place seemed immune to the rebellions taking place elsewhere. It was still caught up in its materialistic and artificial ways. It was a time when what you owned was who you were, when the biggest question people asked was “Who made your suit?” Miami Beach was a dinosaur that went about its business under the pretense that it was immune to change. It ignored the signs of the times, the social and intellectual currents that were flooding in, and held onto its old lifestyle way too long. Nobody recognized this at the time but the 1960′s signaled an end of an era.”
Alvin Malnik, Attorney

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