Al Malnik Miami Beach Memories – Ben Novack

“Ben Novack was a wonderful old codger, very innovative. If he liked you, he invited you to sit at his personal table at the Poodle Lounge for happy hour.


Cocktails were $5, and everyone drank Cutty on the Rocks. They sat around and talked about the shows and the broads and what was going down. There was always a surplus of girls, especially girls who ran after the Rat Pack guys.


Ben Novack Owner of the Fontainebleau. © Ray Fisher

Novack was hard of hearing and he refused to wear a hearing aid, so you had to yell in his ear. He wore outlandish clothes, bright green sports jackets and moccasins with no socks. When I was finally invited to join his table, I thought I had arrived–I was now one of the Young Jewish Important People. That was how the social hierarchy of the day worked: Who you were was where you sat at the Fontainebleau.”
Al Malnik, Attorney

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